Here are my 15 tried and true music festival hacks I have found to be very beneficial in order to have a good time and feel prepared for a whole day of partying.

 1.) Fanny Pack/Back Pack

One of the worst things at a music festival is having to be held back from dancing because you have too much stuff to carry. Having a fanny pack is a perfect way to store your phone, money and small items while remain hands free. Plus, now they are coming back in style and you can find cuter versions other than the one you remember your mom wearing.


 2.) BYO Lids

A lot of festivals let you come in with one water bottle but they make you take off the lid at the gate and throw it out in front of them. Keep an extra lid in your bag. When you get in, you can just screw it onto your water and drink it at your own pace. Also, festivals usually have water

bottle refill station or some type of water fountain so you can keep filling up without buying their $10 waters.

3.) SPF

Before you leave your house apply a layer of SPF 30+ to protect your skin. Bring a small travel size bottle with you because after all of that sweating throughout the day, you’ll definitely need to reapply. Being sun burned can really ruin the rest of the day. I like tinted SPF’s like Super Goop! or a good smelling one like Sun Bum to so that you can take advantage of the 2-in-1 benefits.

portable bathroom wipes

 4.) Bathroom Wipes

Usually the only option for bathrooms are the port-a- potties at the opposite end of all the festivities and sharing those with thousands of other people can get really gross pretty quick. I like to stash a small packet of bathroom wipes and use those to feel fresh and clean after I go and to wipe my hands after.


 5.) Hairband & Band-Aids

After dancing for hours on end, you’ll probably end up with some blisters. Bring a few Band-Aids with you. They don’t take up much space in your bag and they will definitely come in handy once your sweaty shoes start rubbing away at your feet. I also like to bring a hair tie because half way through the day my hair turns into a knot sticking to my neck and its best pulled up into a messy bun.

6.) Deodorant

I always bring deodorant with me because being in the sun all day, I know the deodorant I applied that morning isn’t going to last. Not to mention my hands will most likely be raised up in a crowd of people so deodorant keeps from feeling gross and sweaty. Once you get B-O it only gets worse as the day goes on:( Plus deodorant can also be used to help bug bites stop itching or apply it between your thighs to prevent chafing. Win win win.


 7.) Have a Meeting Spot Before Hand

If you’re attending a festival with a group of people (even if your just with one other person) pick a meeting spot first thing when you get there. Your most likely going to get split up at some point and lose cell signal or one of your phones will die so its an easy way to meet back up.


 8.) Rain Poncho

This is a life saver. If the weather has any prediction of rain before-hand bring a rain poncho that folds down really small with you. It will keep you dry and more comfortable. If it doesn’t come in a little case then I like to wrap mine up with my extra hair tie to keep it from unfolding when I’m not using it.

 9.) Portable Phone Charger

This is always smart to include in your bag of bring alongs. If you’re using your phone all day to take pictures, text and snap, its probably not going to last the whole night. Think about being stuck not being able to call an Uber to take you home at the end of the concert.


 10.) Closed-Toed Shoes

This is a give in and I have learned the hard way. All you need is one person with heavy boots to kick your foot and you have a split and bleeding toe nail exposed to mud and more people stepping on it!


 11.) Get Hydrated the Night Before

Alcohol + sun + dancing and singing you will already be dehydrated. Make sure your chugging tons of water and eating clean and healthy foods the day before to keep your energy up.


 12.) Drop a Pin

Through the hundreds of cars in a lot/ field and no land marks it will be very hard to find your car at the end in the dark. Most of the time you’re so excited when you get there that you don’t pay attention to where your car is parked. Drop a pin and you won’t have to think about it.

 13.) Don’t forget to Shazam

Artists always play new music or different remixes of their songs you already know. This is a perfect time to get new awesome songs.


 14.) Park far Away to Beat the Traffic

trust me it’s worth it to park further away from the festival and walk at the beginning and end then wait in a traffic pile up of cars leaving. You could be sitting there for worst-case three hours trying to leave. My advice is to park a few blocks away and leave earlier to beat the crowds.


15.) Gum and Mints

The music will be loud that you’ll have to get really close to your friends faces to talk to them. Make sure you have gum and mints handy. I also love the pocket size mini Listerine spray to keep my breath minty fresh.


Mark your Calendars:

ULTRA Music Fest

Where: Miami, FL

When: March 23-25



Where: Indio, CA

When: April 13-15


Electric Daisy Carnival

Mexico City, Feb 24 - 25

Las Vegas, May 18 - 20

UK, TBA; Tokyo, May 12 & 13



Where: Manchester, TM

When: June 7-10



Where: Chicago, IL

When: August 2 - 5


Burning Man

Where: Black Rock Desert, Pershing County, Nevada, U.S.

When: Aug 26- Sept 3